Ascent Aerospace | Web Design | UX/UI

Ascent Aerospace was looking for a much-needed upgrade of the mapping, look, and brand of website. They look to inspire the “next generation of flight” and lead in their field.

Ascent Aerospace Tagline.png

the Ascent Aerospace website.

During my time at MCCI, I was fortunate enough to work with an award-winning team in messaging, branding, and in this instance- web.

Sticking with a clean look and feel, we moved towards a more industrial font than originally was basic helvetica to identify their brand further.

We designed a distinct splash page, easy access to the new organization of products, services and careers, as well as a secondary nav in certain areas to help the usability of the site.

Introducing parallax, we received a resounding ‘yes’ from the client and are very proud of where we moved as a team.