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Ascent Aerospace is a leading aerospace engineering and manufacturing company that has been providing innovative solutions for the aerospace industry for over 50 years. In recent years, the company has undergone a transformation in its mission to "inspire the next generation of flight," which has included a focus on modernizing its digital presence to reflect its new direction.

Despite its reputation as a leader in the aerospace industry, Ascent Aerospace's website was outdated and did not effectively communicate the company's new mission and direction. The website lacked a clear hierarchy and was difficult to navigate, resulting in a poor user experience for potential clients and partners.

To address this problem, a new website was designed that focused on Ascent Aerospace's new mission and vision for the future of flight. The website was designed with a modern aesthetic and a clear hierarchy that prioritized important information, such as the company's areas of expertise and key projects. The site was also optimized for search engines and mobile devices to improve accessibility and increase traffic.

The new website was well-received by both internal and external stakeholders. The improved user experience resulted in increased engagement and lead generation, with a 30% increase in website traffic and a 20% increase in the number of inquiries received. The new design also helped to position Ascent Aerospace as a thought leader in the industry and strengthened its reputation as a leading provider of innovative aerospace solutions.

After six years of experience working in the creative field. I have worked with a variety of clients across the spectrum. Whether you’re looking to redesign your website or just need help with user experience; need printed materials like business cards, brochures, or posters; are exploring the idea of an identity revamp; even if you’re just working on a Powerpoint presentation — I’m here to help.

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