PVS Chemicals | Web Design | UX/UI

PVS Chemicals went through a major transformation from corporate trucking and scary materials into something friendly and kind. How do we make Chemicals… a positive thing? break down the barriers of social disgust?

Messaging, new logos, and web (oh my!).


chemicals for daily life.

I was excited to be brought onto the account of PVS during this renaissance of messaging. I worked closely with the Creative Director and Art Director of the company to deliver options of the PVS website design as well as the final brand standards guide.


Having been there for less than year, it was one of my first re-branding projects during my career as a graphic designer, I researched countless of websites and what worked well to soften the blow of a harsh idea of ‘chemicals’ and their transport.

Of course, part of working in an agency is making sure that we educate and help clients move forward towards a better marketing brand. While some things we did stretched the client further than their comfort zone- we were content to let the rubber band snap back in a place that would truly make a difference in their messaging.

the PVS Website.

For the PVS Chemicals website, I was fortunate to assist the lead Art Director in designed and developing the future website of PVS Chemicals. This was my first time working on a website with MCCI and I used this opportunity to learn the ins and outs of web design for clientele.

PVS-Chemicals-Website-3 Slides.jpg